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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Tis the season of fall.

Autumn has to be one of my favourite seasons. My birthday happens to be during Autumn ( Scorpio season) but most importantly it means that I can bring out my more seductive, slightly heavier and gourmand scents. Remember fall fragrances don't just mean woody scents but you can play around with the more oriental and spicy fragrances.

Disclaimer- These are my top 5 fall fragrances. These have all been tried and tested by moi so you can be sure to trust what I am saying. I have added an honorary scent at the end. I hope you enjoy and be sure to leave me your thoughts and fragrance suggestions.

Olympéa Paco Rabanne EDP- Top notes are Water Jasmine, Green Mandarin and Ginger flower; Middle notes are Vanilla and Salt; Base notes are Cashmere Wood, Ambergris and Sandalwood. Its both salty and floral composition is characterised as fresh oriental, opening with sparkling green mandarin, aquatic notes of water jasmine, and fiery ginger lily, with salted vanilla in the heart. This perfume is what I would class as a crowd-pleaser as it's not an offensive fragrance. Whilst there have been adaptations to the fragrance the original will always remain my favourite. I would recommend this fragrance for any time of day.

Libre Yves Saint Laurent EDP-Top notes are Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Black Currant and Petitgrain; middle notes are Lavender, Orange Blossom and Jasmine; base notes are Madagascar Vanilla, Ambergris, Cedar and Musk. The woodiness of the perfume appears after the scent has been on the skin a little while. There is some level of sophistication to this perfume (grown woman vibes). The scent has a long-lasting power which makes it suitable to wear during the day or at night.

By the Fireplace by Maison Martin Margiela- Top notes are Cloves, Pink Pepper and Orange Blossom; middle notes are Chestnut, Guaiac Wood and Juniper; base notes are Vanilla, Peru Balsam and Cashmeran. A perfect blend of sweet and woody. This is a scent that I would put on if I was going on a day time date or for a coffee. The fragrance as a cosy vibe to it- please note that it is a UNISEX fragrance.

Tom Ford Vanille Fatale- Top notes are Myrrh, Rum, Olibanum, Coriander, Saffron, Orange and Lime; middle notes are Barley, Coffee, Frangipani, Plum, Narcissus, Rose, and Artemisia; base notes are Madagascar Vanilla, Suede, Tobacco, Mahogany, Patchouli, Oakmoss, and Violet. Tom Ford launched Vanille Fatale, a new fragrance from the exclusive Private Blend collection, announced as impassioned, transfix, and defiant. A lovely fragrance that is bold, sexy, and warm at the same time. I would definitely recommend wearing this at night especially on a date.

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior EDP- Top notes are Coconut, Plum and Apricot; middle notes are Brazilian Rosewood, Jasmine, Caraway, Tuberose, Rose and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are Vanilla, Almond, Sandalwood and Musk. T The fragrance was first gifted to me by a friend and since then I have been wearing it for over 7 years. The scent is both mysterious and inviting, provocative and a compliment getter.The fragrance has great longevity and projection it can be worn during the day or night.

Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. Baccarat Rouge 540 was launched in 2015. The nose behind this fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian. Top notes are Saffron and Jasmine; middle notes are Amberwood and Ambergris; base notes are Fir Resin and Cedar. This is an honorary mention and if you haven't heard about Baccarat rouge then I don't know what rock you have been living under. This to me is the fragrance of all fragrances. If you want to wear something that is distinctive and a head turner then this is for you. To me, the fragrance is sharp, spicy and sweet at the same time. I am yet to smell something similar to Baccarat rouge. There are so many mixed reviews on how this fragrance performs but for me it's a winner. Be sure to smell it first before purchasing as it is not cheap.

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